Practical Information Technology Guidance

Oct 2008 ITSM: Do or Die for IT! Keynote presentation:
AZ ITSM Summit conference
Phoenix, AZ
Nov 2007 Assessing PCI Compliance with EMC Software Solutions EMC Live webinar
Oct 2007Creating a Service-Oriented
Organization through ITIL
itSMF Brasil
Conference - São Paulo
Oct 2007Enhancing Discipline in VMware Environments with Application Discovery ManagerEMC Live webinar
May 2007Smarts Application Discovery Manager: Accelerating Server Consolidation, Application Migration and CMDB ProjectsEMC World
Conference - Orlando
May 2007Creating a Service-Oriented
Organization through ITIL
EMC World
Conference - Orlando
May 2007Practical CMDB Automation,
Implementation, and Use Cases
EMC Forum - Mexico City
May 2007Network-Aware Service Management
with EMC Smarts and Microsoft
EMC Forum - Mexico City
Apr 2007 Enabling your ITIL Strategy with EMC Smarts Customer Briefing -
Cork, Ireland
Jan 2007Building ITSM Beyond ITILitSMF MidAtlantic Regional Conference - Washington
Oct 2006Building ITSM Beyond ITILitSMF Brasil
Conference - São Paulo
Aug 2006EMC Resource Management OverviewEMC Forum - São Paulo
May 2006Driving Automated Insight to Business Applications with EMC SmartsEMC World
Conference - Boston
May 2006Cracking the Enigmatic CMDBEMC World
Conference - Boston
May 2006To ITIL and Beyond:
Operational Discipline via Process
EMC World
Conference - Boston
Dec 2005Making Sense of the
Performance Riddle
Computer Measurement Group (CMG) Conference - Orlando
May 2005Optimizing Performance
throughout the Lifecycle
Keynote: Hyperformix User
Group - Austin, TX
Mar 2005Engineering the IT System Lifecycle for
Optimum Business Service Performance
Hyperformix Webinar
Dec 2004Assessing the Monitoring Market and MaturityComputer Measurement Group (CMG) Conference - Las Vegas
Nov 2004Application Management: The Hub of  Consolidated Operational ManagementMercury World - Las Vegas
Oct 2004Ensuring IT Success with Automation and Application ManagementKeynote: Motivation (Motive, Inc.) User Group - Austin, TX
Aug 2004Changing Behaviors and Technologies for IT SuccessKeynote: Opnet User
Group - Washington, DC
May 2004 Network Configuration Management as a Means to IT Success Voyence Webinar
Sep 2003 Capacity Planning: Engineering Infrastructure performance META Group Infrastructure and Operations Conference
Sep 2003 Tools and Technologies for Operational Automation META Group Infrastructure and Operations Conference
Sep 2003 The Changing Nature of Application Testing META Group Infrastructure and Operations Conference
Nov 2002Enterprise OSS Market Drivers and TrendsTelemanagement World Conference - Las Vegas
Jun 2002 Managing a Mobile World META Group Operations Conference
Jun 2002 The Technology of Operations META Group Operations Conference
Jun 2002 Can Enterprises Go OSS? META Group Operations Conference
May 2001 SOCs and NOCS: Future Command Centers META Group Operations Conference