Practical Information Technology Guidance


The following links point to various white papers and research notes Glenn wrote over the years. There are many more, but they need to be located and properly referenced.

Papers published by Forrester Research
Date Title
xx-Apr-2009 Inquiry Spotlight: Network Management, Q1 2009
xx-Apr-2009 Knocking the NOC: The New Operations Center
08-Oct-2009 Inquiry Spotlight: ITIL, Q4 2008
25 Sep 2008 Managing The IT Management Software Portfolio
30 Jun 2008 A Federated CMDB Remains Distant, But Start Now

Independently Published Papers
Date Title
09 Jul 2005
Adapting Performance Management: A Business Perspective
(white paper written for NetQoS)

Papers published by EMC Corporation
Date Title
 11 Jul 2007 Pragmatic ITIL Process Automation
 11 Jul 2007 Automating ITIL Process Execution

Papers published by META Group

Date Title
16 Mar 2005 Event and Service Impact Management: Managing IT for the Business
(white paper written for BMC Software)
29 Sep 2004 Application Management: Clarifying the Definition
26 Mar 2004 Managing VoIP and IP Telephony
24 Feb 2004 Offshore Management Service Providers
04 Feb 2004 Route Analytics Enrich Technology Relationships
30 Jan 2004 The Expanding Operational Maturity Gap
08 Oct 2003 Business Perspective Management Views
26 Sep 2003 Optimizing Infrastructure and Application Performance
9 Jun 2003 Command Centers: Consolidating Incident Management
5 Jun 2003 Performance Monitoring versus Performance Analysis
13 May 2003 Inevitability of Operational Automation
26 Feb 2003 Hyperdistributing Management Technology
27 Dec 2002 Secure DMZ Infrastructure Management
02 Dec 2002 Network Configuration Management
22 May 2002 Capacity Planning in a Distributed World
13-Nov-2001 Appliances Simplify Management
16-Aug-2001 Infrastructure Organisms: Automating Management Feedback

Updated: 24-Oct-2008