Practical Information Technology Guidance

The Short Version

Glenn O’Donnell is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, covering IT Operations, ITIL, IT Service Management, and management technologies. A prolific speaker and author, Mr. O’Donnell is a globally respected authority on management systems, IT Service Management (including ITIL and IT governance), IT Operations and automation technologies and is ITIL certified since 1998. Since 1980, he has proven to be an innovator and thought leader in various technology development, operations, and architecture roles at Western Electric, Bell Labs, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies. After almost 5 years as a top industry analyst at META Group, he assumed a position with EMC in July 2005. In this capacity, he led marketing and strategy for many of EMC's resource management software products. He was one of EMC’s leading voices on IT Service Management and a member of the Advisory Board of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF USA).

May 2008 - Present
Industry Analyst Forrester Research
Apr 2005 - May 2008
Independent Consultant and Analyst
O'Donnell Research
Jul 2005 - Jan 2008
Software Marketing and Strategy
EMC Corporation
Nov 2000 to Apr 2005
Industry Analyst
META Group
Jan 1996 - Nov 2000
Chief Management Architect
Lucent Technologies
 1991 - Jan 1996
Data Networking Architect
AT&T Microelectronics
 1986 - 1991
IT Group Leader
AT&T Bell Labs
 1984 - 1986
CAD Developer and Systems Administrator
AT&T Bell Labs
 1982 - 1984
Semiconductor Designer
Bell Labs
 1980 - 1982
Semiconductor Process Engineer
Western Electric

The Detailed Version

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Industry Analyst Senior Analyst
May 2008 to present Forrester Research
400 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
Reason for leaving: 
     Still employed
Leading authority on IT operations, including process best practices such as ITIL and management software tools , including CMDB, data center automation, and the general vandor landscape. Popular speaker and author.

I coauthored The CMDB Imperative: How to realize the dream and avoid the nightmares, to be published by Prentice-Hall in February, 2009. Buy it on Amazon!

Independent Consultant and Analyst Principal
April 2005 to May 2008 O’Donnell Research
55 Bunny Lane
Palmerton, PA 18071-6101
Reason for leaving: 
     Personal career choice to join Forrester
Independent authority on IT operational tools and processes and overall IT service management. Popular speaker and author.

Software Marketing and Strategy Principal Product Marketing Manager
July 2005 to January 2008 EMC Corporation
228 South Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Reason for leaving: 
     Personal career choice
Responsible for marketing and much of the strategy for EMC's application-oriented management software portfolio as a key member of EMC's Resource Management Software Group. I drove many efforts responsible for growing EMC from an interesting niche vendor in the management market to a recognized leader now identified as one of the next big movers.

Developed EMC's market presence in IT service management. EMC's main liaison to the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF USA). I led an internal consolidation of ITSM strategy and messaging across product and services organizations. This is now paying dividends as EMC's influence grew from nearly nothing in 2005 to one of the strongest vendors in 2008.

Owner of product launches for application-oriented management software, including Application Discovery Manager, Application Connectivity Monitor and IT Compliance Analyzer - Application Edition.

With the launch of EMC's new IT Compliance Analyzer product, I became more deeply involved in IT compliance initiatives, including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and especially PCI. I was a leading voice of EMC on compliance and solutions to address compliance.

Instrumental in the acquisitions of nLayers and Voyence. Both were applauded as excellent strategic moves to expand EMC's coverage and capability to deliver full service management.

Popular speaker and author recognized around the world. Please visit Published Papers , Presentations and Videos and Miscellaneous in the menu in the upper-left to view some public presentations.

Industry Analyst Program Director
November 2000 to April 2005 META Group, Inc.
208 Harbor Drive
Stamford, CT 06912-0061
Reason for leaving: 
     Company acquired by competitor
Trusted advisor to Global 2000 IT organizations and technology vendors. Coverage as an analyst focuses primarily on IT operational tools and processes, IT/business alignment, and IT service management. Responsibilities included advisory services and consulting, authoring research notes and opinion articles, public speaking and guiding broad industry initiatives for IT operations and management technologies.

Developed META Group's content on command center operations, application-oriented management and our Operations Excellence program, a superset of ITIL.

Frequent keynote presenter at industry conferences.


Chief Management Architect Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
1996 to Nov. 2000 Lucent Technologies
600 Mountain Avenue
Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0636
Reason for leaving: 
     Personal career choice
Lead architect for network management technology and operations for Lucent's worldwide IT organization. Also drove integration of the network management technologies with broader management initiatives aligned with the principles of ITIL.

Major customer of HP's OpenView products, which formed the basis of our management architecture. In this capacity, I was involved in vendor negotiations and acted as a customer advisor to HP.

I became heavily involved in IT service performance during this time. Instead of just considering the infrastructure elements, I focused on the applications and began to address these issues with early application monitoring technologies. This was a revolutionary concept in its time.

Data Networking Architect Member of Technical Staff
1991 to 1996 AT&T Microelectronics
555 Union Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18103
Reason for leaving: 

Architecture, design, planning, and advanced support for a large-scale data network for the global AT&T Microelectronics business.

Managed the consolidation and complete reconstruction of data networks across four Lehigh Valley facilities. The LANs were based on twisted-pair Ethernet, then considered a risky move, but one that proved innovative and highly successful.

IT Group Leader Member of Technical Staff
1986 to 1991 AT&T Bell Labs
1247 South Cedar Crest Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18103
Reason for leaving: 
Manager and technical lead for a small group of Unix and VMS system administrators and networking staff. Developed one of the first large-scale networks based on Sun workstations and servers along with VAX minicomputers running VMS, BSD 4.1 and System V Unix.

I managed a major transition from semi-isolated minicomputer systems to a fully distributed environment. The IT environment grew considerably during this period, from narrowly targeted engineering applications for a small workgroup to a full corporate IT organization. By 1991, I was responsible for one of the largest and most effective IT operations in the company.

CAD Developer and System Administrator Senior Technical Associate
1984 to 1986 AT&T Bell Labs
1247 South Cedar Crest Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18103
Reason for leaving: 
Developer of computer aided design tools for semiconductor engineering. Also grew the IT environment in support of semiconductor design projects.

Semiconductor Design Engineer Technical Associate
1982 to 1984 Bell Labs
555 Union Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18103
Reason for leaving: 
     Personal career choice
Design and engineering responsibility for early digital signal processor devices. Also introduced VAX/VMS minicomputers to the design process and supported these systems.

Semiconductor Process Engineer Engineering Associate
1980 to 1982 Western Electric
555 Union Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18103
Reason for leaving: 
     Personal career choice
Engineering responsibility for semiconductor process quality.